Montag, 21. November 2011

Y'Akoto's video below inspired me to these earrings. I absolutely love these vintage Mah-Jongg counting sticks and have to pay attention so that I won't use them in every further piece of mine ;) Soooo many ideas for these incredible thingies!

Sonntag, 13. November 2011

Work in progress

Hi to you all, sorry for having been so quiet lately. For some reasons I haven't created anything in a long while. Finally, here is some work in progress I started yesterday. Not much, I know. But it's a beginning. At least I hope so. I made these pendants from epoxy clay. The flat one (not finished yet) has an image transfer on it, then I painted over the transfer, glued the German words "Donner und Blitz" (thunder and lightning) from an old book on it and distressed the whole thing. It was just to try out if an image transfer of an inkjet picture would work on uncured fixit sculpt, and let me tell you: it works great!! Just press an inkjet print upside down onto the uncured clay, allow to cure, wet the paper and rubb it off. The hand has a kuchi charm as a bail. Have a great sunday!