Montag, 21. März 2011


I love, love, love the raku work of Dorcas from wondrousstrange, but it's really hard for me to use her pieces in my jewelry - because I can't let them go.

Yesterday, finally, I made this necklace with the adorable scarab (and a sea urchin spine) as a pendant.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures - I will try to take some better pictures tomorrow. I just couldn't wait to show this piece to you, because I am really thrilled with it!
To see many, many more wondrous raku beauties, visit Dorcas' shop!

Mittwoch, 16. März 2011


"When my daughter was about seven years old, she asked me one day what I did at work. I told her I worked at the college - that my job was to teach people how to draw. She stared at me, incredulous, and said, "You mean they forget?""

- Howard Ikemoto -

I love this quote. There lies so much truth in it.

It came into my mind when I thought about what innocence is to me.

Yesterday I played a little around with some pieces from my stash without really thinking. Just playing. This pendant was one of the things I created.
I had screwed a beautiful white glass flower and a brass bead cap onto a black metal scrap disc, a piece of lace that I had cut into a round shape and a brass metal disc I had hammered for texture.
I really like it! It's a bit like people I love: there's something dark around the center and it's a bit scratched, but in a way still innocent.

So I decided to create a simple necklace for it. Handmade copper chain, a few czech glass beads, hammered copper washers, handmade copper bead caps and a simple handmade copper clasp (with brass) were all I added.

Samstag, 12. März 2011

Spring is in the air

I hadn't made anything for my shop since november. When I make something these days, it's more about trying new techniques, materials, styles or new shapes. I have made "thousands" of components - and I have no idea how to use them.
When I finished some jewelry, it was for friends or to keep them for myself. Yesterday, finally, I made these earrings to put them into my shop.
What about you? Do you know these times when you just aren't in the mood to finish something, and you are surrounded by fragments?

Montag, 7. März 2011

Hello sunshine!

I am still a bit overwhelmed by the great bead soup blog hop. So much creativity and inspiration out there!!!
I have found some really interesting blogs, got new followers (hello to you all!!) and found a friend: my bead soup partner Nicki from Nicki's Reef.
Nicki, you rock!!

A huge THANK YOU goes to all the lovely people who stopped by and left a comment!

And of course, though I have said that quite often now, to Lori, the host of the whole incredible thing. Thank you so much, Lori!!

It's a beautiful sunny spring day here, so I was in the mood to take some pictures of the necklace and bracelet I had made for my daughter's 12th birthday in february.
Unfortunately the quality of the pictures is not the best, but I thought I'd send you some sunshine...!

Okay, this is shadow. But, friends... shadow!!! I haven't seen shadows for a long time!!!

Shadow again. But at least the necklace and bracelet say SUMMER, don't they.

Sunshine! Yay!

The resin pendant I have made especially for my daughter is from a painting/collage made by me (inspired by the towers and turrets workshop of Sharon Tomlinson and Deryn Mentock) and says "Glück", which means fortune - and also bliss, happiness, serendipity...!
Serendipity, by the way, is one of my favourite English words!

And here is a simple bracelet I have made for myself while I chose the beads for Nicki's bead soup. It's so simple, but I LOVE it especially for its simplicity!

Oh, and have you already signed up for our first German Bead Babes Challenge???
You can read everything about it in the post below! It's open to everyone, worldwide, wether you have a blog or not!

Sonntag, 6. März 2011

The German Bead Babes go challenge!

The German Bead Babes go challenge: Blissed out by ….. your favorite song !

Through various bead events on the net we got inspired to challenge you bead people out there with something new. The thing that is constant through all challenges: it is about beads and jewelry and your creative ideas. What is new is the team and the theme: The German Bead Babes go challenge: Blissed out by ….. your favorite song !

So, up for something fun?

Über verschiedene Perlenevents im Internet sind wir auf die Idee gekommen, euch Perlenliebhaber auch mal herauszufordern. Was gleich bleibt: es geht um Perlen und eure Kreativität. Das Neue sind das Team und das Thema: Die Deutschen Bead Babes machen eine Challenge: Glückselig durch... dein Lieblingslied.

Also, habt ihr Lust auf drauf?

Who we are…

Janna –

Proud mom, life and nature lover, bead and wire addict, wife, friend, servant of ten cats and a rabbit, makes world’s best risi e bisi (risotto with smoked ham and peas)

Stolze Mama, liebt das Leben und die Natur, Perlen- und Drahtsüchtige, Ehefrau, Freundin, Dienerin von zehn Katzen und einem Kaninchen, macht das weltbeste Risi e Bisi (Risotto mit Schinken und Erbsen).

Stefanie –

I love jewelry - chunky, bold jewerly. I also like mystery-novels and cooking.

Ich liebe Schmuck - fetten, bunten prächtigen Schmuck. Außerdem liebe ich Krimis und Kochen.

Nicki –

Mommy of a 18 month old girl, Automotive Strategic Planner in the real world, collector of beads since 4 years, lover of nature, animals, and good food, the creative soul behind
Mama von einer 18 Monate alten Tochter, Strategischer Planer in der Autoindustrie im wahren Leben, Sammler von Perlchen seit ca. 4 Jahren, Liebhaber von Natur, Tieren und gutem Essen, die creative Seele hinter

The challenge & the rules

This will be our first challenge, but if we have fun, it might become a recurring event. The theme of the first one will be “Your favorite song”.

You pick your own favorite song, and create a piece of jewelry with this song in mind. No other rules, use as many beads as you want, in any color, shape and size.

The challenge is open to everyone, worldwide!!

On April 9th we will do a blog hop, talking about our piece of jewelry and our favorite song, and why it is inspiring to us. Maybe even some of the lyrics. Anything you like. And we will post links to all other music lovers, so we can see all the wonderful things the other artists made.

Dies wird unsere erste Challenge, aber wenn es uns und euch Spass macht, dann machen wir daraus eine regelmässige Sache. Das Thema der ersten Challenge wird „mein Lieblingslied“ sein.

Ihr sucht euch euer Lieblingslied aus, und kreiert ein Schmuckstück, was sich um diesen Song dreht. Keine anderen Regeln, benutzt so viele Perlen wie ihr wollt, in allem Farben, Formen und Grössen.

Jeder kann mitmachen - weltweit!!

Am 9. April veranstalten wir dann einen Blog Hop, und schreiben einen Post über das Schmuckstück und das Lieblingslied, und warum es uns inspiriert. Vielleicht auch über den Liedtext. Was ihr wollt. Und wir posten die links zu allen Musikliebhabern, damit wir die wunderschönen Kreationen der anderen Künstler sehen können.

The giveaway

The german girls have decided to make your mouth a bit watery and get a bit of excitement going around our challenge – so there will be a prize. Each of us will select something from her stash. We will do a random drawing the day of the blog hop and you will automatically be entered if you show your piece on your blog. If you don’t have a blog but would still like to participate, contact us and we will include your piece in our reveal posts on April 9th.

Wir deutschen Mädels haben uns entschieden, euch den Mund wässrig zu machen und gleichzeitig die Lust auf unsere Challenge etwas zu erhöhen – daher gibt es auch einen Preis. Jede von uns wird etwas aus ihrer privaten Perlensammlung beisteuern. Am Tag des Blog Hops verlosen wir dann diesen Gewinn unter allen Teilnehmern, ihr seid also automatisch dabei, wenn ihr euer Schmuckstück auf eurem Blog zeigt. Wenn ihr keinen Blog habt, aber trotzdem mitmachen wollt, dann schreibt uns und wir zeigen eure Kreation auf unseren Posts am 9. April.

The timing

Sign up starts today and will last until Wednesday March 16th. Please send your name, email and blog address to one of us. We will compile a list and share it with you, so you can post it as well on the blog hop date.

The reveal date will be on Saturday April 9th.

So spread the word, sign up soon and start thinking about your favorite song. Hope to see you soon.

Die Anmeldung startet heute und läuft noch bis Mittwoch den 16. März. Schickt dafür euren Namen, eure Email und die Blogaddresse an einen von uns. Wir erstellen dann einen Liste und schicken sie euch, damit ihr sie dann am Blog Hop Tag auch posten könnt.

Der Tag, an dem wir unsere Schmuckstücke posten, ist Samstag, der 9. April.

Also, erzählt das weiter, schreibt euch bald ein und fangt schon mal an, über euer Lieblingslied nachzudenken. Und hoffentlich bis bald.

Contact us at

Schreibt an

Janna – palimpa-lim(at)hotmail(dot)de

Steffi – s(dot)teufel(at)ndh(dot)net

Nicki – nic12698(at)live(dot)de