Samstag, 12. März 2011

Spring is in the air

I hadn't made anything for my shop since november. When I make something these days, it's more about trying new techniques, materials, styles or new shapes. I have made "thousands" of components - and I have no idea how to use them.
When I finished some jewelry, it was for friends or to keep them for myself. Yesterday, finally, I made these earrings to put them into my shop.
What about you? Do you know these times when you just aren't in the mood to finish something, and you are surrounded by fragments?


NuminosityBeads hat gesagt…

I know it too well! these look like jaunty little numbers, a nice idea.
xoxo Kim

Jen V. hat gesagt…

I'm still going through soup blogs and just have to comment on this post because I feel the exact same way! I have so many things to use and I keep adding beads to my collection, but I haven't really MADE anything in ages! I think I may devote an evening to wine and creativity sometime soon...I need it!
Take care

stregata hat gesagt…

These earrings speak to me of spring - blossoms and birds. Just lovely and just what we need now!

steufel hat gesagt…

Die mag ich sehr:-) Wunderbar frühlingshaft!

Mary Newton Designs hat gesagt…

Thanks for commenting on my blog! The pebbles make me think of the beach, which I love!

Heidi hat gesagt…

Oh, I have tons of little half finished projects all over (including some really cool paintings)! I like those earrings - of course I love birds, and I've been drawn to those Czech flowers lately.

Gaby Bee hat gesagt…

Great fun catching up with you, Janna!
During the past 5 weeks I was, without any internet connection! If you can't send or receive any mails, nor visit any Blogs, or simply surf in the internet, you feel yourself really cut-off from the rest of the world!
But since a couple of days, thanks God, I'm on-line again!
Now I try to visit all my favorite blogs.
Just saw your last few always make such nice things.
Love the necklace you made for your daughter and you new earrings are absolutely stunning!

Have a wonderful day my friend!
Gaby xo

sharon hat gesagt…

I love these! The metal with the sring colors are so pretty!
I have tons of fragments, but I like that s I always have something to choose or re alter!