Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011


I know I posted these videos before, but when I heard of Amy's passing away, I immediately thought of Phil Hansen's piece.
Goodbye, Amy. Rest in peace.

P.S. I love the obit Russel Brand wrote for her on his web page.

Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

Men's necklace

This is just an initial draft of a men's necklace. It's a custom order - a young lady asked me to create a necklace for her boy friend. She liked the "capsule" of the Milkman of Human Kindness Necklace, so I sent her an acrylic tube, she filled it with some handwriting and - how cool is that!!! - a drop of her own blood plus one of her baby teeth! She sent it back and I closed and distressed the tube.
For the chain I "wrote" her name in morse out of round pyrit beads (for "short") and brass tube beads (for - you guessed it - "long"). By now, the last three letters of her name are missing. It's a draft. Maybe we'll change the writing into "Mein Engel" ("My angel"), but we'll definitely keep the morse.

(Unfortunately, all horizontal pictures of this necklace turned out quite bad...!)

Then she challenged me a bit by asking me to add an angel pendant or charm. I looked through my stash but couldn't find anything that would go with a men's necklace - in particular not with this acrylic tube! The next morning (Do you create in your sleep? I do!) I remembered a bone "claw" I had purchased some time ago. Its shape reminds me a bit of an angel's wing. So I took out my soldering iron and burnt - sort of - an angel wing into it to compensate the missing angel charm. Afterwards we both, the wing and I, had a good hot cup of coffee together. I drank mine, the wing prefered to take a bath :)
Since the wing was bigger than the acrylic tube, I decided that it had to be the pendant. I played a bit around (actually it was not a bit but all sunday) and out came the necklace you can see in the pictures.
I love it, it looks SOOOOO cool round my husband's neck (the model's neck is way too slim for a men's necklace), but I think we'll change it again though. It's a bit more necklace than the young lady expected, I guess.
She hasn't seen it, yet, but I sent her some pictures and I'm really curious about what she'll say.

This snoopy baby toad hopped my way when I took the photos of the necklace outside. Too cute! Each summer we have hundreds and thousands of them in our garden. It always takes me ages to mow the lawn because I try to save every little toad's life, of course.

P.S. I just received her okay: all in all the necklace will stay as it is! Yay!

Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Back again :)

Hello again! Hope you are doing well!!
So good to be here!

Though I normally LOVE to read about other artist's feelings, thoughts and intentions and it inspires me a lot, there are times when I have the feeling that it slows my own inner and "artistic" growth down. It's sometimes hard for me to differentiate between the thoughts and intentions of you guys and mine. So I felt that I needed a blog break.
During that break I used to play a lot with my new favourite toy, the etsy activity feed. Thank you, Renate ;) So many beautiful things out there, oh my! So if you have an etsy shop, chances are that I enjoyed your art work without visiting your blog.
Now I can't wait to visit all of your blogs again, to comment on your beautiful creations and, most of all, to read everything about what's going on in your minds! Though I really needed this break, I missed visiting your blogs. Honestly.

For the earrings above I riveted links of an old amber bracelet of mine onto the halfs of a found bottle cap and added indonesian glass beads and matte onyx drops.

Bye for now and... see you ;)