Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Back again :)

Hello again! Hope you are doing well!!
So good to be here!

Though I normally LOVE to read about other artist's feelings, thoughts and intentions and it inspires me a lot, there are times when I have the feeling that it slows my own inner and "artistic" growth down. It's sometimes hard for me to differentiate between the thoughts and intentions of you guys and mine. So I felt that I needed a blog break.
During that break I used to play a lot with my new favourite toy, the etsy activity feed. Thank you, Renate ;) So many beautiful things out there, oh my! So if you have an etsy shop, chances are that I enjoyed your art work without visiting your blog.
Now I can't wait to visit all of your blogs again, to comment on your beautiful creations and, most of all, to read everything about what's going on in your minds! Though I really needed this break, I missed visiting your blogs. Honestly.

For the earrings above I riveted links of an old amber bracelet of mine onto the halfs of a found bottle cap and added indonesian glass beads and matte onyx drops.

Bye for now and... see you ;)


Heidi hat gesagt…

So glad to see you're back :) That's a very interesting point about other bloggers' creative thoughts/journeys hindering or confusing your own. Now that you say that, I think I can relate. Sometimes I can let it get me down, but I try not to let it.

I love these clever and adorable earrings you've made. Very nice!

NuminosityBeads hat gesagt…

Missed you too. It's great to see what came out of your blog break. I think I understand the feeling of too much influence at times. It's always good to go inward now and again.
Beautiful pieces.
xoxo Kim

mairedodd hat gesagt…

these earrings are beautiful! i know what you mean about your voice getting confused... it's often why i don't look at the jewelry mags... you can get caught up in the waves of what others are doing... glad you took the break for yourself... and welcome back!

stregata hat gesagt…

Willkommen zurück!! Ich habe Dich vermisst. Verstehe aber voll die Notwendigkeit manchmal mehr nach innen zu gehen. Die Ohrringe sind super schön - das matte Metall kombiniert mit mattem Onyx ist toll!

steufel hat gesagt…

Oh Janna, wie schön von Dir zu hören. Hab Dich vermisst, aber manchmal brauch man wirklich eine Pause. Und die Ohrringe. mit denen Du Dich zurückmeldest, sind wirklich ein Traum:-)

TesoriTrovati hat gesagt…

Those are really amazing earrings. I am so glad you shared them with us.
I feel that same way, that I am hindered by watching everything else that marches by. Believe in your vision. I think that you are spot on!

Enjoy the day! Glad you are back.

maryharding hat gesagt…

I just discovered your work a few minutes ago thanks to you "favoriting" me on ETsy. I love love love your creativity and creations. Now I am going to follow you.