Montag, 12. September 2011


When I started creating these, I had something different in mind: very loooong earrings, maybe just a single one. I wanted them/it for myself, for a special outfit and occasion.
But sometimes (or always?) the components take the lead and I can only follow.
I really like these earrings, and as you can see they are still long. Not of the length that I had in mind, but still long. Unfortunately they are absolutely not what I imagined to complete my outfit, so I put them into my new etsy shop.

Right now I am working on another pair of earrings. Looong ones. Or maybe just a single one. For myself. Hope the components I have chosen this time will let me. Please keep your fingers crossed ;)


Georgina hat gesagt…

These are just them! I love long earrings. When I was much younger, I wore them all the time, but now that I'm approaching 60, I've sort of toned it down, but thankfully, I'm one of those crazy, eccentric soon-to-be old ladies, that I can still get away with a pair or two now and then!! LOL

Again, amazing earrings.


Vintage Green hat gesagt…

I love long single talisman
earrings!! I am working on some now.....I hope mine turn out as well as yours!!

nusquam hat gesagt…

These are wonderful! The Kuchi charms are especially exquisite.

Heidi hat gesagt…

Oh, those are great! And yes I know what you mean about the beads taking control and you have to do what they say! Better luck matching your outfit next time :)

stregata hat gesagt…

Absolutely gorgeous - they blow me away!! Wonderful combination!

EB Bead and Metal Works hat gesagt…

I love them! The components you used are fantastic! I really like how you combined everything together!

GlassBeadArt hat gesagt…

wow! die sind atemberaubend schön!!!