Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2011

Ancient Spirit - reworked

Remember the Ancient Spirit necklace? Someone has purchased it. A man. "Is it a present for your girlfriend?" I asked. "No", he said, "I want it for myself."
Okay. I truly loved the idea. But. I asked my husband to be my model, put it round his neck... and thought: "Wow, looks great, only the lipstick is missing!" It really didn't work for a men's neck and shoulder area. No way. Believe me.
So I asked my dear customer if he would allow me to rework it for him. "Okay", he answered, "but please keep it playful, keep it asymmetrical (but balance out the weight on both sides) , keep the ribbon part and the three strand part with beads and wirework, the scarab and the sea urchin spine. And make it a bit longer. Is that a problem for you?"
YES. It definitely was. Even more regarding the fact that I have next to no time these days.
But a challenge is a challenge is a challenge, right, Jo?!

So the first thing I changed was the color. I kept the pyrite but chose a thicker wire for it. Instead of the shiny czech glass beads in orange, red and lilac, I chose matt indonesian glass beads in black and grey tones with some stripes of red and other colors in them.
What followed was a long process of trial and error. What I liked was not what he wanted, and what he wanted wouldn't work for a man's neck, I was sure. Too fine, too filigree, too everything.
But then, in an e-mail, he asked: "What about a piece of a chain armor?" I was electrified. Immediately I knew that this was the missing link, the thing I had searched for all the time without knowing.

Here is what I came up with. Still not really the classical men's necklace ;) It looks great round my husband's neck. I love it, even my husband loves it... and my customer loves it too.
Just imagine it round a men's neck instead of the skinny model's neck.
I must admit that I would never have thought of a beaded three strand part for a men's necklace, and if I would have taken ribbon, it would have looked different from what you see here. It's his work more than mine. But still I'm proud.
And working on this necklace gave me so many ideas for more necklaces with Dorcas' incredible raku scarabs, that I have already purchased another three from her.


TesoriTrovati hat gesagt…

Wow. Incredible journey this piece. I am still not sure that I could see it on a man, I have the hardest time making things for men, as a recent custom order attested. Too dainty, too shiny, just too girly. But this has an ancient modern feel for it. Congrats on working through the challenge!
Enjoy the day!

Vintage Green hat gesagt…

I think it's an incredible piece, and kudos to you for being willing to take the time and effort to make sure it was just right for your customer. You were a "good team". The chain mail was a brilliant touch by the way.

Hugs to you,

Heidi hat gesagt…

It looks incredible! And I can definitely see it on a very hot man! Perhaps with longer hair wearing just a vest or no shirt, but a sarong, a tasteful tattoo on his arm, possibly of mixed ethnicity? A character Johnny Depp might play. Or even Johnny Depp himself! Haha, welcome to my brain :P

It really does look fabulous though :)

NuminosityBeads hat gesagt…

Awesome problem solving. I often find that designs that look good on the bead board just don't work on a person but I haven't had the challenge of designing for a man. You done it!
xoxo Kim
PS, don't miss the giveaway on my blog this week...celebrating my birthday and blogaversary.

stregata hat gesagt…

Congratulations! It is absolutely fantastic! Kudos for working through the challenge (although sometimes the greater part of the challenge is getting past our preconceived notions of what men's jewelry should look like...) - you did a great job!
Die Kette ist wirklich genial!

maryharding hat gesagt…

I love the way it turned out. All the beautiful chain work add such an exciting layer to the piece.

Steph hat gesagt…

What a challenge! And it was worth the headache, it's beautiful!

Jo hat gesagt…

Yep, a challenge is a challenge is a challenge! And you did fantastically!