Donnerstag, 2. Dezember 2010

Advent Calendar, Day 2

As you may notice, I have decided to write in English, from now on.
German is my mother tongue, so German words come much easier and faster into my mind, but bloggerland's language is English - 99,7% of the blogs I follow are written in English.
I felt more and more like a German tourist in a foreign country who insists on ordering German food in German language. If you really want to get to know each other, it's most important to understand each other, of course.
So, here we go.
The pictures show what my daughter Yola has found in her advent calendar, yesterday.


stregata hat gesagt…

LOL - to think of you as a tourist ordering German food in a foreign country - it makes me giggle.

Pretty Things hat gesagt…

What an awesome idea for an advent calendar! I have a boy, so he's doing the Lego advent calendar.

PS -- love the wooden hand.