Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010

Renate's Ornament Swap

(Fortunately curiosity didn't kill the cat in this case! This is Tomcat Bruno looking at the ornaments I have made for Renate and Stefanie)

It was November 29th when Renate of Put a little magic in your life came up with the idea of a little German ornament swap and asked me if I'd like to participate. Of course I wanted! I loved the idea and felt (feel) so very honoured and flattered!
Renate also asked Gaby of Colourful Adventures( and Stefanie of Stefanies Sammelsurium. Sadly, Gaby wasn't able to participate because she already had too many other things to do - but we all hope she will join us next year!
So we were only three, but that felt quite right regarding the little time that was left till christmas.

Creating the ornaments for Renate and Stefanie was so much fun to do! They are both adorable and incredible talented persons - reading their blogs is always such a joy, such an inspiration! To know them means really much to me. For the first time I have the feeling that I have arrived. I feel connected. It is like camomille tea for my soul.
From the bottom of my heart I wanted to give something back.

Last night we finally unwrapped our treasures.

Renates Ornament came to me in this lovely pouch she sewed out of cotton fabric and felt and decorated it with stars from old lace and sari silk.

Inside was this stunning, double sided ornament:

A genuine watch face Renate sealed with resin because of the very sharp enamel edges on one side...

... and this beautiful Madonna with child on the other side.

She paired the medaillon with czech glass beads, brass wire and a georgeous chandelier crystal. I'm over the moon with it. It is perfect. Can't wait to decorate our tree!

Stefanie sent her ornament in this cute christmas gift box!

I opened it, and out came... tadaaaaa... this teriffic resin paper ornament - the world's most beautiful cherub medaillon!

Stefanie loves to use vibrant colours, sari silk ribbons and other fibers in her creations.
Can you see the beads that are hidden between the fibers?

Isn't it just magic!

Please don't miss to visit Renates
and Stefanies
blog, too!

Dear Renate, dear Stefanie, I don't have words for what I am feeling. This was so much more than an exchange of ornaments to me. Thank you!


stregata hat gesagt…

Thank you, Janna - for sharing your amazing talent and for extending your friendship to me! I am honored. And this is just the beginning!
Ganz lieben Dank, Janna - ich bin so überwältigt.

steufel hat gesagt…

Ohh Janna, ich kann Dir gar nicht sagen, wie viel mir dieser Swap bedeutet hat. Und genau wie Du, kann ich meinen Schätze nicht mehr aus der Hand legen. Matthias holt gleich unseren Baum ab und dann wird geschmückt! Danke für alles!!!

Pretty Things hat gesagt…

So, so, so awesome! Your tree is going to be super special -- and I'd have these hanging somewhere in my house year-round!

Gaby Bee hat gesagt…

WOW, was soll ich sagen...einfach genial. Ihr habt euch ja mächtig ins Zeug gelegt. Eure "Christmas Ornaments" sind große Klasse und auch noch soooo schön verpackt!
Schade, dass ich keine Zeit hatte dabei zu sein :-(

Ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

Gaby xoxox

Nathalie Thompson hat gesagt…

These are both beautiful-- like jewelry! I love ornaments swaps.

Happy New Year to you!