Sonntag, 16. Januar 2011

Bead Soup Party

Bead Soup Party has begun and I couldn't be happier with the partner Lori chose for me: Nicki!
Please visit her blog:
I love the necklace Nicki made for the Colour Blog Hop and her interpretation of Klimt's Tree of Life.
Nicki is from Germany, like me, and it is always such a pleasure to meet creative people from "around the corner" - especially those who make jewelry that is quite similar to mine! There are so few!
Can't wait to receive my beads from her and get started!


steufel hat gesagt…

Hach, ist das schön, dass es endlich wieder losgeht:-)

Rebecca hat gesagt…

Nicki was my bs partner from last year! You've got a good one. X

Pretty Things hat gesagt…

I can't wait to see what you both make!