Sonntag, 2. Januar 2011


1)My word for 2011 is EMBRACE.
Embrace life, the earth, people I love and people I don't like, creativity, pain, joy, love, my sorrows, you, nature, sadness, myself, memories (good and bad), my fears, whatever may come in the future...
...embrace...and let go.

2)Today I tried to create a necklace for a dear customer. She was one of my first customers and has got fourteen of my necklaces and even more pairs of my earrings by now (WOW!). Mostly she buys something she has seen in my shop or elsewhere, but sometimes she asks me to just make something for her.
That is such an honour and privilege, of course, but to be honest, I always have a hard time doing it. Though I know her likes and dislikes on the whole, it's so hard to figure out what she would like to have in this special case.
Today I put a gazillion things together and took them apart, again. Somewhere down the road I thought I needed some eggs, so I made some out of polymer clay. The little bird on our christmas tree is now wearing one of them around its neck. Birdy looks so happy with it - I won't take it from him, again.


stregata hat gesagt…

Ein schönes Wort für das neue Jahr.
Und das Ei ist wunderbar.

Rebecca hat gesagt…

So cute! I love the little egg you have made here. Happy New year!

Nathalie Thompson hat gesagt…

Thank you for stopping by my blog (and commenting!) :)
Your birdie's necklace is a wonderful addition. How sweet!

Just trust that since your good customer likes your jewelry enough to buy several pieces, that she will like aything you make (I know this is difficult!) Custom pieces are a challenge-- especially if you are a perfectionsist (I resemble that comment!). haha!