Sonntag, 21. August 2011

"You got Royal Mail" - Bead Soup is here!!!

When I came home from work yesterday, there was an envelope waiting for me on the kitchen table, and it had a British stamp on it.
My first thought was: "Finally Mr. Bond asks me to be his new Bond Girl!", ....
... but then I turned the envelope around and saw that it was from Joanne, my incredibly talented Bead Soup partner.
(Okay, Mr. Bond, don't let me wait too long, because next time I might say NO! )
Just kidding.
I won't say no.
But back to topic:
When I opened the envelope, I found ths pretty card in it.
And a beautiful brown organza bag (unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it, but I took 6 pictures of the envelope...ts,ts) with little packages in it, carefully wrapped in brown paper.

Here's what was in the packages: Three most beautiful lampwork beads (made by Isabelle Anderson), matte white and sparkling purple czech glass beads, some round copper beads, some copper rings (handmade by Joanne) and one of her georgeous handmade copper clasps!
The colour scheme will challenge me (that's part of the fun, you know) , but I love everything about my soup. You should see the lampwork beads - in reality they are so much more beautiful!
And I can't stop touching the copper clasp. It's perfect.

The dust on the czech glass beads was not in the package... it was in the bowl I put the soup in. If there is something that I am not, it's a good housewife ;)
If you would like to see the soup that I sent to Joanne, you can either wait for my next blog post or visit Joanne's blog :)


Anonym hat gesagt…

Beautiful glass beads! Looking forward to see what you will make with them.


Jo hat gesagt…

I'm so glad it arrived safely - and that you like it! Isabelle's lampwork beads are so beautiful. I've got a couple sitting on my desk at the moment waiting to go into a bracelet.
Have fun making soup. and thank you so much for my ingredients!

Rebecca hat gesagt…

Oh, it's beautiful Janna! Can't wait to see what you make :-) and I'm very jealous of that silver poppy especially.

Doris hat gesagt…

Hi Janna,
diese Suppe passt zu dir - es wird spannend - was machst du daraus?


steufel hat gesagt…

Oh Janna, was für eine tolle Suppe - ich freu mich schon auf Deine Interpretation:-)

TesoriTrovati hat gesagt…

Ooo! That is SCRUMPTIOUS! I love getting mail, especially international mail and this is a treat. Can't wait to see what you make!
Enjoy the day!

Do Be Do Bead Do hat gesagt…

Delicious ingredients for your soup! See you on the 17th at the party!!!