Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012

Versatile Blogger Award and a necklace

Normally I am not the award type.
But I am feeling very honored because Steph gave me the Versatlile Blogger Award.

Steph is one of my favorite artists, blogger friends, etsy sellers and fellow etsy circlers. Please visit her incredible blog and shop.
I don't take this as an award only but most of all as a good opportunity to show you some of my favorite blogs and... to finally blog again :)

There are several rules to accepting this award:
1. Add the award to your blog -- To come. Blogger doesn't let me today.
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you. -- Merci beaucoup, Steph! 1000 Dank!
3. Mention 7 random things about yourself. -- See below.
4. List the rules. - Check!
5. Award to 15 bloggers. -- See below.
6. Inform each of those 15 by leaving a comment on their blog.

The 7 random things about myself:

1.) I can't stand to see a fruit fly in need. I have already saved the lives of thousands of fruit flies, snails (yes, even the naked ones, and even in my own garden), spiders and other little insects, crawlers, mice, rats..... Whenever I see a being in need, I help. The only exception: ticks, lice and fleas. But I would save their lives too, if I only knew how to save them and my family (including the cats) at the same time...!

2.) Ever since I was a little child I have altered and distressed things, and I have always collected what other people call "waste"

3.) I am coffee addicted and love to sit in coffee bars, writing or doodling and watching people.

4.) I love cooking, but I don't like to cook for my family.

5.) Someday I gotta get organized.

6.) I love Berlin. Every time I go there it immediately feels like home. Actually I am a town mouse. But I am also a nature lover and often need the silence.

7.) One day I want to say hello to a blue wale.

And the Versatile Blogger Award goes to...

...these fabulous bloggers:

1.) Mary Anne

2.) Claire

3.) Kim

4.) Richelle

5.) Petra

6.) Louise

7.) Steffi

8.) Nicki

9.) Mich

10.) Annette

11.) Gaby

12.) Mary Jane

13.) Moxie

14.) Vera

15.) Kate

Thanks to you all for being you.

And now to something different:
This is what I made for my little one's 13th birthday. She had asked for a white necklace with the same lace and one of the same tiny folding knives I used in these earrings.

Please double click the pictures to see more details.

 The adorable handmade leather book is made by Louise (see list of awarded bloggers). It's detachable, so Yola is able to write in it without taking off the necklace. 
I have also incorporated a bead from Steph and one of my paper beads.

Printed leather strap.

Yola loves her new necklace. Pheew....


NuminosityBeads hat gesagt…

Gorgeous necklace, What a great gift!
Thanks for the award, so sweet of you to think of me. It may be a few days before I put up a proper post about it.
xoxo Kim

Vintage Green hat gesagt…

It's a wonderful necklace....
Congratulations on your award!
(and good to "hear" from you!!)

nusquam hat gesagt…

Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog post. I am honoured that you chose me as one of your recipients for this award (it is not at all stupid, it`s actually quite uplifting) There sure are a lot of rules.

p.s, this necklace is brilliant, your daughter has exceptional taste!

stregata hat gesagt…

Gratuliere! ;)
Yola muss ja ganz aus dem Häuschen sein - und wenn nicht, dann sollte sie es sein - was für eine prachtvolle Kette!!! Dahinschmelz...
So schön von Dir zu hören, ich denke ständig, ich muss Janna schreiben... aber dauernd ist was.

Petra Carpreau hat gesagt…

I'm completely astonished that you chose to include me as a recipient for this award, and very touched. Thank you - and congratulations on your own! I'm going to have to get my act together now, and get my hands out of clay and back on my keyboard!!!

Your daughter's necklace is to die for!!! How could she possibly not be in love with it?!! What a lovely gift to her.


MiddleEarthsJewels hat gesagt…

First I must say how Yola is so lucky to have such a talented mom..the necklace is just fantastic! ..looks as if it has hundreds of stories to tell..:)

And so honored to be on your list! But you are sneaky..know me to well..need just such a push to get back to blogging.
Great idea and congrats to you. I laughed with number 5 (agree!!) and can help out with number 7..when you come to visit me in the Azores!


oh my goshy that is beautiful...I bet Yola loved it as I would. Thanks also for stopping by my blog and for the award...I do appreciate it but I don't continue on with them sorry. You make such beutiful jewellery and I shall come back here amazing you got one of Renate's bells...are they not divine!
Annette In Oz

Louise hat gesagt…

Wow how wonderful is this? Thank you so much for the award, I'm so grateful! And what can I say about this exquisite necklace you have created?? How can one begin to describe such a piece of art - of beauty and wisdom and ethnicity. It's just amazing. You must be thrilled! I'm so touched that you have included my wee little book. Thank you again J. xox

Beatnheart hat gesagt…

YOur necklace is so wonderful and I have a million questions to ask you about it. I love the printed did you do that? I love the German text...just looks so cool. See you around at FanciFul’s

Gaby Bee hat gesagt…

Vielen Dank für den Award, Janna! Danke, dass du an mich gedacht hast!

Die Kette die du für deine Tochter gemacht hast ist einfach traumhaft ... mehr ist nicht zu sagen:)

Ich melde mich nochmal ausführlicher bei dir.

Gaby xo

Petra Carpreau hat gesagt…

I've nominated you back - seemed only polite!!! But obviously, you won't need to do anything about it a second time!!!
Thanks again, Janna.

13 hat gesagt…

Truly beautiful necklace, the book is exquisite and I'm in love with the printed leather.

Lori Anderson hat gesagt…

I ADORE the necklace! And oh my, fruit flies (Drosophila) -- you would have had a heyday in our Drosophila lab in Biology!

Belladonna hat gesagt…

The ouctcome is breathtaking, I love it!